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Page Three

Sawyer Housing Area
When the base closed in 1995 approximately 1600 housing units were left empty. The closing of KI Sawyer also eliminated a thriving community. During our July 2002 visit it was apparent that the housing area is coming back to life. Much of the old officer housing area is occupied. Numerous duplexes & relocatables are also occupied and many other units have been renovated and are now up for sale with plans to do the same with the remaining empty units thanks to local developers.

It is obvious to us that KI Sawyer is once again becoming a proud and prosperous community. We saw children playing, homeowners working in their yards, and families picnicking at Little Trout Lake. The enrollment at KI Sawyer Elementary School is growing, a new library is now open, and many activities are scheduled and coordinated by the ?Sawyer Community Association?.

PHOTO: Homes for sale on Valkyrie Street. We visited an open house on this street. You can buy either the entire duplex for $70,000 or one side for $35,000 was tempting.
PHOTO: Looking down Strarofort Street.

PHOTO: Corner of Constellation and Provider Streets. Many of these homes have just been put on the market for $31,000.
PHOTO: Behind Talon Street. Photo taken from Aircobra Street.

Below are photos of the housing area Base Exchange annex. The photo on the right is a building that was the annex store during our stay between 1963-71. This building is just east of the newer annex in left photo. Both buildings are on Voodoo Street. The newer annex was built in the mid 80's and is now reopened as the "Sawyer Village Shoppette".

Old annex building
PHOTO: This building (left door) was the annex store during our stay in the 60's. Through the right door was a thrift store. The newer store is a short distance right of this building.
Sawyer Village Shoppette
PHOTO: Newer store now open as the "Sawyer Village Shoppette". Note the quonset hut in the background. This once was used as the housing area maintenance service building.

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